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We understand the demands associated with modern business and running a fleet. With a wide range of award-winning Peugeot vehicles and great service, as well as our innovative technology and super-efficient engines, discover why our customers are seeing the difference Peugeot Professional has made to their businesses.


Peugeot Expert Van converted to refrigerated chiller van

The PEUGEOT Expert van is capable of adapting to any business. We collaborated with Ampex to convert 17 PEUGEOT Expert vans into high-tech refrigeration units. With safer, faster and proper insulation, the Expert was an excellent choice with its flawless design and build.


SWAIDAN TRADING CO COLLABORATED WITH Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation

SWAIDAN TRADING CO COLLABORATED WITH MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation) supplied the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MOHRE) over 600 Peugeot Expert L3 Automatic Vans for their TAW-SEEL programme.

The vans have been modified to cater to the specific requirements of the MOHRE, specifically to accommodate mobile service centres in the cargo areas to provide TAW-SEEL services to the public.

TAW-SEEL is a programme offering the services of the MOHRE to its customers at a convenient location and time via mobile service centres fitted into Peugeot Expert vans. The customer can request TAW-SEEL services either from the TAW-SEEL mobile application or by contacting the TAW-SEEL call centre. They can then choose the required services and a convenient time and location, and the TAW-SEEL vehicle is dispatched to address their needs.

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SWAIDAN TRADING CO collaborated with Dubai Corporation

Our partner Swaidan Trading Co have collaborated with Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services to provide them with an Expert van which was customized to include sanitizing elements and will be used for emergency supplies and medical deliveries as a mobile medical store. The PEUGEOT Expert has been modified according to Dubai Health Authority standards, complete with a spacious interior, easy-to-manage sliding & rear doors, and a class-leading automatic transmission.

More than 100 Peugeot’s used for long-term leasing - FEDERAL TRADING COMPANY – ALSHAYA

We use our Peugeot vehicles for long term leasing – individual and corporate clients. The cars run about 250 kms per day and for up to 10 hours.

Quality, pricing, value for money and distributor support made Peugeot stand out from the competition models that we were looking for.

Brand Value, availability, pricing and vehicle options were the main factors in buying Peugeot. Our fleet consists of Peugeot 208, 301, 508, 2008,3008,5008, Partner, Expert and Boxer vehicles with a total of 101 Peugeot’s in our fleet of cars.

We are very happy with the fuel economy of the vehicles and as well as the aftersales division of Swaidan Trading. We would recommend this brand to others.

QUOTE - Big thumbs up to the team at Swaidan Trading who contribute relentlessly to the success and growth of the Peugeot brand. Pricing can be looked into specially for the SUVs with full options. Fuel consumption in passenger cars slightly on the higher side compared to other brands. Commercial vehicles are good. Further marketing for the boxer and expert is key to beat other competitors like Nissan and Renault who offer similar variables at competitive pricing.

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Peugeot Expert and Boxer used for delivery of motorcycles - HARLEY DAVIDSON – NORTHERN EMIRATES

The vehicles are used for collection and delivery of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. The cars run for about 300 kms per day.

Best value for money made the products stand out from the competitors and was the main factor in purchasing the vehicles.

We currently have 3 Peugeot vehicles consisting of Peugeot Expert and Boxer. We are extremely happy with the fuel economy and the Aftersales services of Swaidan Trading. QUOTE – Great product.

615 Peugeot Experts supplied for the Taw-seel project - SELBAR GROUP

Our vehicles are used for business and personal means. We had taken 615 Peugeot Experts to supply for the Tawseel project from Swaidan Trading.

My personal 3008 runs about 90km per day. We as a company are very happy with price, model, technology Peugeot has to offer on all its models. Service and price were the main factors that contributed to the purchase.

We have a fleet of about 600+ Peugeots and are happy with the fuel economy and aftersales services. QUOTE – Good luck and keep it up.

A commercial fleet of 10 Peugeot vans - AUTORENT CAR RENTAL

Our vehicles are mostly used as delivery vans with our customers. They run for approximately 150 kms per day or up to 8 hours.

Safety, value added features like Bluetooth, power options, etc. makes Peugeot stand out from the rest. Request from our clients for specific vehicles since our leasing company has multi brands was the main reason for purchasing Peugeot.

We have a fleet of 10 cars which include Peugeot Partner, Expert and Boxer vans. We are very happy with the fuel economy and the aftersales services.

QUOTE - Even though vehicle is sophisticated and gives values to safety, for fleet buyers resale value is very important and this is a bit of worry for us as we do not get expected re-sale value in comparison with Japanese vehicles.

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A fleet of more than 300 Peugeot’s - QUICK LEASE CAR RENTAL

Our Peugeot’s are used for rentals or car hire. They run for around 100 kms per day. The features offered by Peugeot are extraordinary and the customer feedback that we have received from our customers when we gave them a demo made us consider this brand.

We worked out a special deal with Swaidan Trading and have a fleet of around 300 Peugeot’s which comprises of Peugeot 208,301 and 3008. We have a long relation with Swaidan trading and are extremely happy with the aftersales service and the fuel economy of the vehicles.

QUOTE - new line of products are extremely good, couldn't expect anything better

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Peugeot Commercial vehicles used for transporting cargo - BUDGET RENT A CAR

The Peugeot vehicles in our fleet are used for cargo – commercial purpose. They run about 175 – 200 kms per day.

These vehicles are optimized to serve its purpose, up to date features, driver-oriented cockpit are some of the factors that made us incline towards the brand. They are apt for our kind usage.

We a fleet of over 40 Peugeot’s comprising of Peugeot 2008, Partner, Expert and Boxer.

Peugeot Boxer modified as a Flower Boutique – La Fleur Room

Swaidan Trading Co. supplied one unit of Peugeot Boxer L4H3 to La Fleur Room, a one of a kind mobile flower shop in the UAE which is owned by an Emirati lady. The spacious interior of the Boxer van made it easier for it to be modified into a fully functional flower boutique.